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About this online resource.

This online resource can be used in the classroom or at home helping schools to develop home - school learning.

The delightful characters and points element will help motivate children to become confident and successful learners and development an understanding of how and why we save.

All the games are linked to the National Curriculum and also fit in with the new Curriculum for Excellence guidelines for Scotland where children are encouraged to:

  • Develop awareness of how money is used and can recognise and use a range of coins.
  • Use money to pay for items and can out work out how much change to receive.
  • Investigate how different combinations of coins and notes can be used to pay for goods or be given in change.
Matching Game

To develop the children’s awareness of different coin/note values. The children will have to choose 2 cards to flip over and see if they can match the amounts.

Play Shop

To be able to add coin values together to make a total amount to pay for an item in a shop.


To be able to work out how much change is needed when paying for an item or a group of items. To be able to use the '+', '-' and '=' buttons on a calculator correctly.

Money Box

To be able to count up amounts of money in 3 boxes and then decide who has saved the most money.

Shopping List

To be able to multiply coin values to find a total amount. The children will have a shopping list with items of fruit. They must use multiplication to work out how much they have spent.

Hide and Seek

To be able to count up in 1’s, 2's, 5's, and 10's.

Parents and carers